How to shoot Butterfly with Black Background ?

    Try to be as close to the butterfly before making a shot. They are very sensitive to movements and easily get disturbed, so always be very slow in approach. Butterflies often fly off on sensing some movement or disturbance, but however they will land again. Do not rush to the place where it landed, give it little time to settle and do its task. Approach it again only when it opens its wings and bask in the sun, start nectaring or resting. Always approach from the side or even from the front.  Be patient, position yourself and then make shot. If you want to capture a butterfly with black background then follow the steps below before focusing on it,

1.Switch to manual mode:
First turn the wheel at the top of your camera to “M” (for Manual). In this mode you have full control over your camera and can adjust all settings including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, flash etc. It gives you the flexibility to set your shots up as you wish. If your camera doesn’t have manual mode then move to the last section of this article.

2.Low ISO.
ISO determines your camera’s sensitivity to light.  Basically, your ISO can help you adjust to the light around you. As you are in need of less light to have a black background, you’re going to want a lower ISO (100 or 200).

 3.Fastest shutter speed.
Shutter speed is how long the shutter stays open when it’s capturing the image. There is a trade-off: the faster your shutter speed, the less light your camera lets in, and the darker your image becomes. Hence choose the fastest shutter speed available in your camera. 

4.Smallest Aperture.
The aperture setting is also sometimes referred to as an f-stop. If you have a higher f-stop (smaller aperture), your camera is letting in less light. A combination of a fast shutter speed and a small aperture will block out any ambient light. Hence choose the smallest aperture available in your camera .

 5.Try not to have anything in the background.
Try to isolate your subject as much as possible and not to have any other subject in the background. Even if you have some and there is no way of avoiding, it’s ok; still you can get black background shots, with background lightly visible. 

 6.Turn Flash ON
Turn ON the on-camera flash. This is essential because due to fast shutter speed and smallest aperture the light falling on the subject is almost Nil. However flash photography can blow out a shot with its harsh light. In that cases you can adjust the flash power if have a setting to do so or simply adjust by hiding a portion of your flash with your finger.
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  2. Wow these Are really Good tips. The images You've Posted On your Blog are Pretty good.


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