Macro Photography using Compact Camera!

Is it possible to get great macro shots using compact and point and shoot camera? The answer is Yes!! and the important steps in achieving great macros are,

1.Enable Macro Mode,
2.Adjust Aperture,
3.Keep the Shot Steady,
4.Self Timer,

1.Enable Macro Mode:
   The first step in getting macro shots is to enable the macro mode present in camera. Macro mode is generally symbolized with a little flower.

2.Adjust Aperture:
   In macro photography you’ll probably want a shallow depth of field so select the largest aperture available. Choose a large aperture so that your subject is in focus but the background is not. If there is no option to adjust aperture, slightly zoom your lens so that you get a shallow depth of field.

3.Keep the shot steady:
   Keeping cameras steady and still will help in reducing camera shake there by increasing the details of the subject focused. A tripod or a gorilla pod can be used for this purpose.

   In order to prevent movement of the camera while pressing the shutter button, the camera’s self-timer can be enabled. This will avoid loss of focus and details on your shot.

   Flash can help in increasing the colors and the details in many macro shots. However usage of flash may be limited as it is difficult to control flash power in compact camera.

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