Minimalism is a style that uses a minimum amount of components such as colour, shape, line and texture.

Minimalism requires keeping the shot simple and not boring or uninteresting. Choosing a subject that will be eye catchy is the key point in minimalism. Even if the subject does not fill the majority of the frame, the subject has to be the strongest element of the shot.

Framing the subject using the “rule of thirds” can display a creative minimalism. Lines, structures, shapes and textures all can be a minimalism.The use of color is an extremely useful tool for achieving minimalism. Contrasting colors between the subject and the rest of the shot are one way to make it stand out.

Processing adds more dimensions to minimalist shot. The tones and saturations can be varied using a suitable processing tool.

Minimalism is way of finding subjects, where there isn’t any to capture. Minimalism is creative and so friends go out there and start clicking.