Vegetable Decoration

Vegetables can delight us in many ways than just in flavour and tastes. Recently we had our Dept association function. While we were discussing on decorating the stage one of my friend came with a suggestion of using vegetables. I was astonished by this idea and haven’t seen anything like that before. On the day of function the decorators arrived at and started placing some beautiful carvings and bouquets made of vegetables. They were amazing. Took some snaps of them and have posted here.

Vegetable Bouquet
Melon Rose
I wanted to know more of this carving/decoration and hence surfing on the internet found that this art is called as “thai carving”. I found some useful sites that help one to learn making vegetable and fruit carvings. I have listed them below. The first one is a list showing links to YouTube videos for beginners to experts. The other sites are also quite useful. Try them and add vegetable carving to your hobby list.

Carving tutorials

Visit the above sites and learn vegetable carving.


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