Dragonfly Photography using Compact Camera

Dragon flies are beautiful subjects to photograph with a compact camera. Often we see dragonflies resting on plant leaves, flowers and stems, basking in the sun or feeding. This article focuses on the basic steps to capture a dragon fly using compact camera.

1) Enable macro mode in your compact camera.

2) Approach the dragon fly silently with slow pace. If it flies away sensing your approach, be still in the same position where you are. Wait for few seconds as it will come back to its original place of resting. Usually it makes one or two rotations around you before resting.

3) Try to get as close as possible without frightening the dragonfly. Getting closer helps in capturing the fly with utmost details.

4) One area to focus on dragon fly is its head; it has amazing details, with stunning compound eyes.

5) The wings of dragon fly are marvellous, with lovely pattern and texture. They are shiny and colourful. Look for the perfect position of wings before making the shot.

6) Try capturing the dragonfly with different poses like resting completely with wings parallel to the ground, wings perpendicular to the ground, wings in slanting and even the fly itself in aerobic and vertical style.

7) When shooting with compact camera, it is wise to enable camera flash to get amazing details that would be missed otherwise.

8) If you find difficult in getting close to the dragon fly, zoom the lens a little to get close enough to the fly and to get shallow DOF.

9) Compose your shot with shallow DOF or nothing in background, which helps in isolating the colors and patterns on wings.

10)Dragon flies can be captured in flight, when they try to settle down in their resting point


My Collection of Dragon Flies


  1. Thanks Kumar... do not get the chance to shoot Dragonflies often but that is useful info, and the fact that to stay still and they would return to a spot is interesting too. That is a great collection of the species

    1. Thanks Mark for your comments and frequent visit!

  2. Hey.. nice pics. The third one, was it shot on a green bg or edited to make it green?


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