Birds on Lines

Photographing birds resting on lines is always an interesting subject. There is lot of scope for creativity. Good minimalism can be achieved, since the background will mostly be the sky and the birds being smaller in size.

Certain points to have in mind while photographing birds on lines.

Framing: perfect framing can make the composition attractive and interesting. Angle: Choosing the best angle can help in making patterns with lines. (vertical, diagonal, parallel angular…)
Tones: Since the background is mostly sky, there will be variations in tone (day, dusk, dawn..) which makes the photograph colorful.

Some photographs of birds on lines taken by me and others from flickr.

Birds on Lines
Follow Me..
Birds Resting On The Electric Lines .....
Birds on an electric line

Please give me your suggestions and feedback. Please feel free to give me the links of any other interesting "birds on lines" captures.  


  1. Great work Kumar. I dont know your talent when we were in college bt now on seeing your blog, your photography, the way u presented, i really feel happy to comment on your talent. Great talents. Great works. Nice.


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