Fireworks Photography-Compact Camera

Fireworks photography is also possible using a compact camera. Manual setting is usually preferred for fireworks photography. The basic manual settings in a compact camera are,

Aperture: The aperture should be set to f/8, even though it allows light to pass through, its sufficient because our targets are pretty bright.

Shutter: It is always good to have a long exposure in capturing fireworks. For this the shutter may be adjusted to 1 to 3 sec long.

ISO: ISO should be around 100 so that less noise is seen in the photograph.

If options for manual settings is not available in compact camera, you can use the fireworks mode or night mode available.  It would be nice if you use a tripod for fireworks photography. If you don’t have one keep the camera steady by some means.
Fireworks photography is also creative by trying one or two things. By moving the camera after pressing the shutter can result in beautiful abstracts. Another option is to capture objects, signs, symbols and letters made using fireworks. You can ask your friend or someone to write some letters, draw something or move it in particular pattern. Due to the long exposure, we get beautiful creative photographs with letters, words and patterns.


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