How to shoot photos with black background using Lumia Camera/Windows Camera App?

Lumia Camera App is the innovative, intuitive and powerful photography application available to lumia phones.  Lumia Camera App/Windows Camera App allows one to take full control of the shot and helps to shoot with creativity. 

Due to the availability of manual controls, we can capture stunning photographs with black background. Black background is a beautiful and artistic way of isolating a subject. Normally we achieve this by adjusting aperture and shutter speed. Since phones doesn’t have the option to control aperture, we can adjust other settings to capture photos with black background. 

There are 6 important steps to follow in capturing a subject with black background,

1.Open LumiaCamera/WindowsCamera App from phone

2.Expand the control mode to view brightness, shutter speed, sensitivity, focus, white balance and flash settings.

3.Set the brightness level to -3.0. 

4..Set the shutter speed to 1/16000 sec. Fast shutter speed allows little light to fall on the subject. You can adjust this value if needed based on the darkness on the captured photo.

5.Set ISO sensitivity to 100. Which allows little light to fall on the sensor.

6.Turn Flash ON.

An example shot of yellow orchid using the above settings and normal mode
With settings as discussed above

In auto settings without flash

In auto settings and flash on 

Some of my other captures using the setting above.

Please feel free to give your suggestions and views!