How to paint a simple scenery using Water Colour?

This article describes step by step procedures in painting a simple scenery. The scenery contains mountain, a tree, birds, boat and bushes. It's very simple that, there is no need for sketching first and the painting. You can paint this scenery directly using brush on paper or canvas. The final painting is shown below.

The below figure shows the tools I have used for this painting. A chart paper (drawing paper), water colours, brushes and palette.

1.Water and Sky:
First step is to draw a horizontal line at the center of the paper so that it divides the paper into two halves as shown. We can use Prussian blue for water and cobalt blue for sky. Don't worry about the names, in almost every paint kit, there will be two blues, a dark one and a light one. I have used the dark one for painting water and the lighter one for the sky. Use lengthy horizontal strokes for uniformity. A flat brush can be used for this purpose. Even if the strokes are not uniform don’t worry, apply a little white at the joints and then again apply long strokes.

2. Mountains: 
Using black color make an outline of mountains above the center line. Fill the mountains partially left to right with black and the other areas with brown. This color variation depicts a reality and also shows light effect. Apply white over brown and make slanting strokes. Apply a little white on black too.

3. Tree and Bushes: 
A simple way of painting bushes and trees is to use a No. 5 brush for this purpose. Dip the brush in black and just press the brush on over the center line. Also press the brush on the right side of the paper as shown. Dip the brush in dark green and repeat the procedure over the black applied earlier. Repeat the same procedures using light green and yellow too. Now you have old to new fresh leaves. It’s ok if the colors mix with each other during this process. It would be nice to see trees with flowers. For this dip the same brush in red or orange and then press sparingly over the leaves and the bushes. Use black or brown colors draw the tree trunk and branches. Apply little white on branches to increase contrast.

It will be nice to have a boat sailing in the water. Draw a simple boat as shown and then fill it with black. Draw a man rowing the boat, and then apply white on the boat and the stick.

5.Shadows and Birds:
Add shadows to the mountains and boat on water. Use black or dark blue mix to add shadows below the mountains and boat. Apply white in between too. Paint some birds flying at the top right corner.

That’s it. Is it simple or not? Give me your views and suggestions.


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