Are You a Good Photographer?

‘Photography’- a magic word written as a hobby in profiles; taken as a profession by many; seen as visual art by artists, has become more popular than ever. Due to the developments and advancements of basic camera phones to smart phones; basic compact cameras to advance compact cameras; basic entry level DSLRs to high end DSLRs; to Nexgen cameras.... Everyone must have clicked something.

Are they good photos? What makes a good photo? A good photo is interesting to the viewer. It depicts what the photographer has seen. It allows one to see through another person’s eye. A good photo would present an object or scene in a way you have never seen before, by eliminating all distractions. Good photos are the one that has life in them.

Do you think you are a good photographer? Yes, you are. It only depends on how you see things. How you see what others would miss. How you wait for hours to get the right amount of light, twist your body to get the perfect angle and make that perfect composition. A good photographer would be patient and passionate to capture photos that stand out. People have a belief that only high end cameras produce good photos.

It’s not so. The camera is just a tool. It is an equipment to capture; what's more important is the creativity of the photographer. These are several interesting photos captured using basic to advance mobile phone cameras.

It’s not the gear, it’s the idea that brings out great photos. So folks do some clicking with whatever available gear you have. I am sure you are a good photographer.


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